Reader Tip #1

Several days ago someone living in the Portland area in 2013 sent me a story about an encounter she had. Falls’ whereabouts in 2013 are sketchy, but I believe he was living and working in the Eugene area at the time. I’d like to point out that though she mentions reading somewhere that Falls had a police officer’s uniform, this is false, but it is possible that if he had been working as a security guard, then he may have been wearing a uniform that resembled a police uniform — That is, if this person she encountered was actually Neal Falls. The “S Barnes Road” she mentions is also probably SW Barnes Road, which runs directly in front of the Oregon College of Art and Craft. Her story has been copied and pasted from my email directly. I only left out the sender’s name because I did not receive her permission to use it in this post.


I believe I may have encountered with Neal Falls in Portland Oregon in October/November of 2013. Don’t know if he was there at the time but from reading about his tendency to relocate and drive around I wanted to inquire. I think I may have also read somewhere that he had police or highway patrol uniforms? Im not too sure but if this timeline doesn’t match anything then I would still like to ask if you know of any murders connected to someone with a similar description.

I was 17 at the time going to school at Oregon College of Art and Craft. The college is on a hill and up the hill leads to two shopping centers. I worked at the Subway located in one of the shopping centers and walked to and from work frequently from the hours of 5pm and 12am. This road is called S Barnes Road I believe and did not have any lights for night time walking. It was very steep and somewhat rural. I disliked walking home at night because it was pitch black and obviously not safe, for the possibility of predators or drunk drivers, etc. Sometimes I still did due to it being late and the bus wasn’t set to come for 15 minutes and I could walk down the hill in this time and be home. I never saw any suspicious vehicles when I did this usually around 11-11:30pm throughout the work week and weekend.

One night some fellow classmates of mine stayed up working on projects and drinking. One friend was 20, the other 22. We decided we wanted to get more beer not realizing the time. We were all somewhat tipsy and I was from California not knowing Oregon’s alcohol laws. In California 24 hour grocery stores still sell alcohol 24 hours a day depending on the location/chain. We begin walking up the hill and I don’t mind because I am with two other people. Everything is fine until I begin to hear a car but don’t see it, suddenly the noise is right next to us and it is sounds like a car driving very slowly down to speed with our pace. It is so pitch black I can barely make out a car but can definitely feel/hear/somewhat see it. I lightly hit my friends on their arms and tell them to run. The car then turns on its lights and it is a brown highway patrol police car. A man dressed in uniform exits his car alone with his car parked in the middle of the road. I remember him, white, little to no chin, chubbier cheeks, fine very short brown hair (no hat on), looking to be in his late thirties only because he has little wrinkles. I remember thinking he could be older. I was surprised he left his car in the middle of the winding road though he left his lights on. He approaches my friends and I asking why we are out so late. We tell him we are old enough to be out, that we are going to the grocery store, and attend the school down the street. He makes me feel uneasy because he is staring at me, asking my age. I tell him 17. He says I’m not old enough to be out and that someone reeks of beer (my friend, the 20 year old). She is more drunk than the other two of us. He asks to see all our ID’s but My 20 year old friend is the only one who has hers. He stares at my 22 year old friends exposed legs, she’s wearing shorts. He leers at all of us and says he’s letting us off with a warning.

He then gets in his car, does a quick U turn, and accelerates obnoxiously down the road. All we thought was “what an asshole cop”. I believe we continued on to the grocery store but I can only faintly remember.

The next day I think about it more and realize his car looks old and probably predates the late 90s. He wasn’t an actual cop anyhow because he was dressed in brown and his car was also brown. I find it odd he was driving alone at 3am up a hill that is known to be pitch black and is located next to a college. I wonder what would have happened if I was walking alone at night up there? Or from work? I also wonder why he didn’t do anything. If he was in a car like that I wouldn’t doubt he had some form of weapon. Maybe there was too many of us. Or maybe it would bring too much attention to the media because of the school.

I later saw on the news how an escort had shot and killed a presumed serial killer. I nearly dropped to the floor seeing the picture of Neal Falls because of his severe similarity to the man from that night. Age, facial features; and when I researched more I found he was from Oregon. Again, reading somewhere as well he had some form of law enforcement uniform.

Anyways, I don’t know if this helps at all. I don’t know if he has been traced back to Portland in late 2013 or Oregon in general but maybe this information will be useful. Let me know if you have any questions.

I did look into any high-profile murders in the area, but I didn’t turn up anything that seemed like it would have been related to either Falls or this particular incident. I will continue to search local sources to see if I am able to turn up anything. For anyone else reading this, if you find something related to this woman’s encounter or if you would like to share a tip, then feel free to email me: email.


Heather the Hero

When people hear that someone works as a prostitute, there’s a lot of assumptions go along with that sort of work. That they’re “forced into it” by some dangerous pimp, that they’re drug addicts, they’re the scourge of society coming from broken homes. Sometimes women are working in the sex industry because that is the case, and I certainly do not want to discount women who are being abused and forced into doing things that they don’t want to do. For Heather Saul, none of this rang true.

Some women see the sex industry as a viable source of income for a person who hasn’t gone to college and have little job skills to bring to the table. Some women do this as a way to get through college, since you can make in a matter of an hour or two what you can make in a week working at a job like McDonald’s, hence leaving plenty of time for classes and studying. And then there’s women who work in this industry simply because they like it. Heather Saul is one of these women.

Setting up advertisements on a website called, women like Heather offer their services and set up appointments with clients. It’s run like a business, and their cellphones are their personal home offices. It was through her business that she came in contact with Neal Falls.


On July 18, 2015, Heather’s life would be changed forever and she would be thrust into the media spotlight. Between the media fighting to break a story, the outpouring of support she received, and the physical and emotional trauma she sustained from the attack, Heather was wholly unprepared to become an instant celebrity. When Neal Falls came to her apartment and gave her the choice to “live or die” she fought back, and whether it was luck or some sort of divine intervention, she shot him down with his own gun. When police arrived to see the list of other women in Falls’ pocket and the materials stored within the trunk of Falls’ Subaru Forester, Heather became a hero, and a patron saint for sex workers across the country.

Screen shots taken from the WSAZ story shows the state of shock Heather was in after the ordeal.


She had sustained multiple injuries from her attacker and suddenly had to reconcile that within a matter of weeks her name would be on every news station across the country.




A lot has been written about Heather in the months following the attack, but the question remains: Did Heather really kill a serial killer, or was it his first day on the beat and his inexperience allowed his first victim to kill him before he could go on to kill again?

Information Overload and Why I Haven’t Covered the Henderson Murders, Yet.

You may have noticed that I’ve been dumping a ton of information here over the past day or two. Everything I know, excluding the Henderson Murders and Jessica Foster’s disappearance, has been covered. The reason I haven’t covered them yet is because I feel that if Neal Falls had a history of killing prior to arriving in Charleston, WV, then these are more than likely the ones he committed and I want more facts lined up before I can positively identify a connection. Another reason I haven’t covered these yet is because Neal Falls is, unfortunately, a convenient suspect to pin these unsolved murders on. With Falls dead, there’s no way to get any form of confession out of him. Forensic experts are going to have to diligently work on these cases before they can say for certain, “Yes, this was the work of a serial killer” and, “Yes, these women died at the hands of Neal Falls.”

Prior to Falls’ death there was speculation that the murders of Misty Saens, Lindsay Harris, Jodi Brewer, as well as Jessica Foster’s mysterious disappearance were all connected by the media reports on the murders, due to similarities in age and appearance, as well as their lines of work. The truth is that there fails to be any concrete evidence that any of these murders really were linked, though evidence and the brutality of the crimes suggest that they were. Jessica Foster is the only victim who has not been found, suggesting that if she is dead, someone else was probably responsible for her murder.

Keeping that in mind, I not only want enough evidence to suggest Neal Falls is a viable suspect in these cases, but I want to point out any other potential suspects that could have been involved in these murders, regardless if they were the work of a lone serial killer or different individuals. I’ve been looking at all of the murders and Jessie’s disappearance individually, collecting whatever information I can obtain as a civilian researcher, and then I want to present that evidence in a way that readers can draw their own conclusions or speculate their own theories.

My most recent endeavors have involved reaching out to possible friends and family of some of the murder victims and attempting to piece together details about their lives prior to their murders. There is so little information available through media reports on Jodi Brewer and Misty Saens that I feel like I would be doing them an injustice by only focusing on their murders and having nothing to say about their lives prior to that.

If you have any information on either of these two women than please feel free to reach out to me: nfitipline at gmail dot com.

Falls’ Online Footprint

Using free people finder databases available online I was able to link Neal Falls to the email This was cross referenced with a phone number formerly associated with Falls.

Using his email, I was able to uncover a MySpace account Falls once used under the username Dusty_Fog and the alias Scott Ross. After investigating the Dusty_Fog username I came up short in other instances that Falls may have used that as an online alias.



Using the same email I also came up with the alias of Brad Falls, as documented below:


Another possible alias I was able to uncover was Naill Falls of Henderson, NV and formerly of Butler, IN, both locations Neal Falls is known to have resided in at some point. It’s important to note that these databases aren’t always 100 percent accurate, and the email domain Fallsveach came back to another man, who is presumed to have been unaffiliated with Falls.


A dating profile, Twitter, and a Disqus account were also found to be linked to Falls under his real identity:


His only Twitter comment was made to a young lady who at one point had a significant amount of controversy surrounding her after tweeting a picture of herself posing with a giraffe she had killed in a trophy hunt. This account is linked to the email





The Daily Beast was able to uncover a Facebook account under the name BJ Ross, using a phone number previously registered to Neal Falls. There has been some controversy as to whether or not this was really Falls’ account, as it appears to have been registered to a female. Friends of the alias who agreed to speak with the Daily Beast said that they had played World of Warcraft with BJ Ross.



The same number was connected two anti-sex solicitation websites including Exposing Johns and Flush the Johns, but at the time of posting this the screen shots I had of both have disappeared. One of these sites is no longer working. Posts on both websites were connected to the BJ Ross alias as well.

Here is an infographic exploring the possible connections between Falls and the various aliases believed to be linked to him. This was not created by me, but was sent to me by another researcher interested in the investigation.





The Shop Clerk

As you may recall, I found a Facebook post from a man claiming to have interacted with Falls in WV prior to his death. He was able to recollect details of the encounter. His story is provided below:

Ok, Looking back at it the event I’m thinking it was Thursday July 16th. It was sometime after, 4PM but before 5PM. I was going to grab some water from the water cooler and walked in on Mr Falls and my coworker Dana looking over a road atlas.
Our shop, REEP Graphics, is located directly across from the Intersection of US Route 50 and West Virginia Route 76. It is a magnet for people looking for certain destinations and directions. We jokingly call our little Print Shop a Travel Center because we frequently get people stopping in for directions. So this wasn’t out of the ordinary at all.
Dana asked me, “Do you know where Pleasants Creek Shooting Range is at?” I said yes because I knew immediatley where it was at as I frequent it quite regularly. I explained the quickest way to get there and used his atlas to point it out.
I asked him if he came in on I-79 South and he replied yes, and I told him that I frequent another shooting range that is South on I-79 that had a 300 yard berm, he replied “I don’t plan on shooting that far.” Very creepy looking back on that remark.
He had a very feminine, soft, almost lispy voice. I thought he was kind of strange but nothing too weird. He left and I noticed that his car had Oregon tags, I turned to Dana and said that was strange that a person with Oregon tags was looking for the shooting range. Now, If he had Texas, Lousiana or Oklahoma tags I might have not thought about it because those are common license plates in our area for Oil and Gas work, but those Oregon tags made me think a little bit.
He had no Dog that I saw with him, unless it was laying down in the seats of his Subaru. I did see his shovel and other tools in the back and it was covered with a tarp. He didn’t purchase anything, just looking for the shooting range.
A week later I saw the news post on Facebook and recognized his Subaru and picture. I called the Charleston PD and told him that I saw him late last week and they said they would contact me if they had any questions. Never heard back from them. Oddly enough, I was working late that day and had I left at 4PM I would have missed him and Dana would have been the only person to meet him and of course it would have been only her and him… Kind of scary.
Not sure how much it helps, but that’s my story


Here is the Facebook comment the man made on a news link about Falls and what lead me to asking him for his story:



Here is the Google Maps view of the graphics shop the man was employed at, located off US-50 in Bridgeport, WV. Bridgeport is approximately two hours south of Charleston, WV, where Falls’ fateful encounter with Heather occurred.


Coworker Conversations

As members of my group may recall, I originally drew attention to a Facebook post made by a former coworker of Neal Falls in an article I wrote for Sword and Scale. This man worked with Falls at the Hoover Dam security checkpoint and was able to offer a unique glimpse into the life of Neal Falls and just what kind of character this man really was. Screenshots of the Facebook post where he and other former coworkers of Falls reflect on what it was like to work with him are provided below and are only edited in order to protect the identities of the posters. I’m glad that information I was able to uncover through the help of my Facebook group has since been included in media reports on the case, including WSAZ’s comprehensive two-part primer.














Evidence Found in Falls’ Vehicle

The following are photos cataloging the items found in Neal Falls’ car upon the investigation on his death in Charleston, WV. The items contained within Falls’ vehicle are what led police to believe that he was a serial killer.











A Websleuths user by the name of Btown was able to make a list of the items displayed in the photo above:

1. Unknown plastic.
2. XTRA™ Tropical Passion™ Liquid Detergent 175 OZ.
3. Bullet proof vest
4. Axe
5. Tanto single edge knife
6. Stiletto double edged knife.
7. Maul
8. Shovel
9. Bleach? Unknown brand.
10. White trash bag
11. White trash bag
12. Double head ax.
13. Mobile Motor Oil.
14. White trash bags with something in them.
15. Clear plastic container.
16. White plastic bag.
17. Unknown.
18. Sock? Tissue? Paper towel?
19. Boot(s).
20. Clorox wipe.
21. Four way lug wrench.
22. Seat handle.
23. Unknown. White handle?
24. Cooler? Laundry hamper? Person sized bin? Cot?
25. Unknown.
26. Unknown.
27. Machete.
28. Booklet?

In addition to these photos, WSAZ was able to obtain other photos and information on the crime scene at the time of Falls’ death. These photos include hundreds of Subway bags, a duffle bag containing his clothing and a bible,  as well as non-graphic photos of the crime scene.



A list of six other women was also found in Falls’ pocket. Five of the women had been located in WV, while another was located in CA.




Charleston, WV PD–339603732.html