About Neal Falls Investigation

The Neal Falls Investigation blog was the brainchild of freelance writer and researcher Heather Sutfin. Heather became interested in the Neal Falls case while following another case out of Chillicothe, OH related to a group of murdered and missing women. Falls was initially believed to have been involved in the women’s murders or disappearances, but was later ruled out as a suspect. As Heather’s interest in the case grew she decided to start a Facebook group. This blog is an offshoot of the original Facebook group Heather started in order to share and gather information on Neal Falls, as well as his alleged victims.

About Me

Heather Sutfin has been a freelance writer for nearly two years, but is most notable for her work with the true crime blog and podcast Sword and Scale. In addition to her regular contributions on Sword and Scale, Heather has worked with several SEO companies as a copywriter, constructed resumes for business professionals, acted as a grant writer for a non-profit organization, and as a social media marketer.


If you would like to get in touch with me then the best way to reach me is through my email: email

You can also follow me on Twitter: @HeatherS1983 or find me on the official NFI Facebook group.


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