Lindsay Harris



Lindsay Harris, originally from Skaneateles, NY, went to the Vegas-area in 2003 after meeting a man named Solomon Barron outside of a hiphop show. Her and Barron hit it off and it wasn’t long before she agreed to move into his Henderson, NV home with him and another female roommate.Lindsay still kept in touch with her family back in New York. She told them that she had found work dancing in a club there. What they didn’t know is that Lindsay had been making her way as an upscale escort.

The last anyone in Lindsay’s family had heard from her was May 4, 2005. Lindsay had called her twin brother to wish him luck on his upcoming exams. Later that day, surveillance footage from a Henderson Bank of America ATM showed Lindsay with her hair up in a ponytail and wearing a pair of sweatpants making a deposit.

The last place Lindsay was reported to have been on May 6, 2005.
The last place Lindsay was reported to have been seen on May 6, 2005.

Two days later, Solomon Barron received a voice message from Lindsay. She said she was at the Monte Carlo and was heading over to the Luxor casino. Witnesses say that she had last been seen heading north on Las Vegas Blvd. between the hours of 4 and 5 AM. The following day Barron reached out to Lindsay’s family to report her missing. Solomon, who had been in Syracuse, NY at the time of her disappearance, caught a flight back to Henderson.

Lindsay’s Mercedes was found parked in the Luxor parking lot. A rental car that had been taken out in her name was also recovered down the block from her Henderson home. Police were highly suspicious of Harris’ boyfriend Solomon Barron, but determined he could not have committed the murder since he had an airtight alibi, having been in Syracuse, NY at the time of Lindsay’s disappearance. Police analyzed his cellphone. Lindsay was always one to check-in and sometimes had sent texts to Solomon every four minutes. On May 6 the messages suddenly stopped.

19 days later three boys riding their ATVs north along I-55 in Divernon, IL came across a frightening discovery. I was able to speak with Casey Becker, one of the boys credited with finding Lindsay’s legs.

Casey says that on May 21, 2005 he and two other friends rode up and spotted what they believed had been some kind of prop, before realizing it was a human leg on the ground. The boys believed they may have come across someone burying the legs and scared them off. The boys went back home and immediately phoned the Illinois State Police. The father of the other two boys who were riding ATVs in the woods with Becker that day had worked for the state police and was only a mile or two away from the site Lindsay’s legs had been found.

Becker says initially the officer did not believe them. He explains that a year prior he and the boys had been at a local party spot called the Divernon Reservoir, also known as the “Divernon Resie.”  Becker admits they had been acting recklessly that evening. The boys had been drinking and smoking marijuana when someone offered them ADD medication. The three boys said they became increasingly more paranoid throughout the evening and believed that there was someone trying to kill them. In a panic the same two boys Becker had been with when they discovered the legs phoned their father and told him that there was a crazed man looking to kill them.

Their father pulled up to the reservoir with, “his gun drawn and lights a-blazin’,” to find that the boys had hallucinated the ordeal. Because of the incident, the officer believed that the boys had been up to no good again. After two hours of calling they finally convinced the police to check it out, though they were certain what the boys had found had been an animal carcass.

The police would find that the boys were correct, they had found a human leg. The leg had not endured any stages of decomposition and appeared to have been fresh. Even details such as toe nail polish and tattoos were fully intact and visible. It would be those details , along with DNA samples, that would later help investigators to link the legs to a woman who lived nearly 3,000 miles away three years after the discovery. Buried approximately a foot and a half in the ground near where the first leg was found was Lindsay’s other leg. A tarp was also found about 20 feet from where the legs had been buried. Investigators concluded that a coyote had been in the process of pulling the legs out of the ground when the boys came up on the area on their ATVs and scared the animal away.

Becker says, “the sense of fear we had could not be measured.” Since the incident Becker tells me he has struggled with nightmares of a trucker coming to kill him for his discovery. When he had heard the news that Neal Falls, a man shot dead with his own gun in self defense, may have been behind the murders he had a sigh of relief.

Admittedly, I felt a slight sense of remorse when I had to tell Becker that it may not be the case. Officially, the verdict is still out until investigators come forward with conclusive proof that it was Falls behind these horrific murders.

Prior to Falls’ death there had been speculation that an unknown long-haul trucker had been behind the murder of several Vegas-area women who had all been working as escorts prior to their murders and may have been linked to the disappearance of Jessie Foster. There has also been speculation that some or all of the murders may have been unrelated. This has been confirmed in the case of Jessie Foster, who has not been found deceased.

In Lindsay’s case Solomon Barron remains a viable suspect. Though he has an airtight alibi at the time of Lindsay’s death, there are some who believe — including America’s Most Wanted’s John Walsh who featured Harris’ case on the program — that Barron knows more than he is letting on.

After the legs Casey and the other boys found in the woods were conclusively linked to Lindsay Harris, they were sent back to her family in New York where they held a quiet family service to celebrate her life. The rest of her body has never been recovered. A family friend told me that the Harris’ are not certain it had been Neal Falls who had killed their daughter, but they have somehow come to terms with the fact that they may never really know what happened to her.




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