More on Bj Ross and Big Update Coming Soon

I have some big updates coming soon, including information on the murder of Lindsay Harris and an interview with one of the young men who found her legs in the woods off of I-55 in Divernon, IL, but for now I just wanted to make a quick post.

Some of you may recall from my “Falls’ Online Footprint” post that I had misplaced my screenshots from two websites connected to the controversial Bj Ross account that may or may not have been linked to Falls. FlushtheJohns and ExposingJohns both had reports related to a Bj Ross and the number traces back to a T-Mobile phone number formerly registered to Falls while he had been living in Eugene, OR. I have since found my screenshots. The Bj Ross Facebook account originally uncovered by the Daily Beast was linked to a phone number Falls had while living in Henderson, NV, but the profile shows that it was registered sometime around 2013. Falls had left Henderson in late 2007 after having been fired for sexually harassing a female coworker and, according to phone number listings, he had registered a new number sometime after that.






Here is a list of previous phone numbers I was able to gather for Falls:


Notice the top number is the same number listed for the Bj Ross complaint on the two anti-prostitution sites.

Though the account is still a subject of controversy, it would appear that the Bj Ross Facebook may have been some gamer account Falls maintained. The friends listed on the account include three people from Texas as well as another person listed as living in Klamath Falls, OR — another city Falls had resided in at some point. I think it’s safe to say with all of these coincidental connections that there may be some validity to the claims of this account belonging to Falls. I will continue to dig up what I can on Falls’ online personas, including Bj Ross, as part of my  investigation on the life of this mysterious man.


One thought on “More on Bj Ross and Big Update Coming Soon

  1. This individual stated that he lived in East Tennessee in 2010 when he came into my place of business. During the time that he frequented our establishment as a fairly regular customer and stated that he worked as the manager of a railroad. A handful of his co-workers also frequented our place of business at the same time and knew him by the name of Peter Flemming. Working for the railroad as a manager must be how he had the means to travel and move around as extensively as he did. He was driving the same vehicle that he was driving while he was living here I recognized it immediately, the only difference was a dent on the rear end of the vehicle that he must have acquired after he left. I tried reporting the information I had to the police department because I noticed that he had not ‘reportedly’ been linked to living in this area. The officer that took the information seemed to care very little and stated that he was dead so there was no point in me calling to report information linked to his case. I’ll always wonder if his name was even Peter Flemming or whether or not it was just another alias. He told me that he had property somewhere around the Knoxville area and gave me personal information about his upbringing and said that his parents lived in West Virginia. He called me before he moved to let me know that he was selling his property and going back home. A handful of years later, he was in the news. I recognized him immediately. I hope they eventually link him here….we had women go missing here during the time of his stay. I pray for the closure of all of the families of his victims.

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