Heather’s Update

Heather posted an update on her CrowdRise fundraiser about her progress since her terrifying attack by possible serial killer (or serial killer in training), Neal Falls. She says that things are now looking up for her.


As some of you may or may not know, there was a lot of drama surrounding her fundraisers. Initially someone began a charity in her name and then proceeded to accuse her of being a drug addict and attempted to force her to get out of the sex industry. This person even threatened to hold her money until she agreed to enter into some form of rehab program, which is against the law. Eventually her funds were released to her, as they should have been in the first place.

Some may disagree with me, but she above anyone else should realize the dangers associated with her line of work. As a consenting adult, I don’t feel there’s anything wrong with someone choosing to work as a prostitute. People work in dangerous industries all the time and no one bats an eye. High-rise construction is dangerous, but no one tells a construction worker that they need to get out of that line of work.

This person launched personal attacks against other sex workers who rallied in support of Heather and it took the action of another sex worker by the name of Mistress Matisse to actually get out there and give this woman the leg up that she needed after her traumatic ordeal.

As all this drama was unfolding I was unsure as to who actually had Heather’s best interest at heart and I was reluctant to promote either charities until I got the facts hammered out for myself. Heather is now in control of her own fundraiser and has been for some time now. If you would like to support her then it can be found here: https://www.crowdrise.com/heatherisahero

In my opinion, Heather is a hero who saved the lives of at least five other women and should be seen as such.


4 thoughts on “Heather’s Update

  1. Hi, My name is Pamela Brewer. I am Jodi Brewer’s mother. It was a very long 12 years since my daughter’s brutal murder. I believe Neal Falls was her killer. This has been the worst time of my life. I lost both of my daughters, Jacqueline also for four years. My husband Jim died. I lost my union job at the Horseshoe casino, where I worked for almost 18 years. I thought my life was over when Jodi died. This has been the hardest lesson of my life. I want to thank Heather for saving herself and the other girls on his list. I pray that this changes her life. Something only she and God can do together. I forgive Neal Falls and I pray for his family. Thank You all for your support during this tragedy.

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    • Thank you for reaching out to me Mrs. Brewer. I’d like to express my deepest sympathies on the loss of your daughter as well as the other women believed to have been linked to her tragic death. If possible, I would love if you could describe for me and other people who read this blog who Jodi was. Every news report I’ve read describes her simply as a prostitute, but I’m sure that she and other young women who met a similar fate were so much more than that. I realize it’s probably a hard subject for you so I understand if you’re reluctant to talk about it. Anything you could tell us about Jodi would be great.

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      • Heather, Sorry to take so long to respond. Jodi was the sunshine of our lives. When she walked into a room she lit it up. Unfortunately she got involved with the wrong people. She was always a leader, very strong willed, determined, good hearted and good spirited. She always made me feel happy and special. Her father was terminally ill at the time of her death and it really tore our little family apart. She always looked like a million bucks. She was very beautiful. Jodi Marie Brewer was the most wonderful young lady in the world. She was very intelligent. Methamphetamines and persons who prey on not working and using young girls to get by on, and a very large evil took my happiness away.

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  2. I came here looking for info on Neal Falls after seeing his death on the Killing Season! I nearly jumped out of my chair screaming HALALUYA! . Heather to me you are a hero! You shot that sick dog and how many lives have you ultimately saved!! Finally one of these pieces of shit cowards who prey on the weak and defenseless victims got a little pay back! I would love to know the terror this &%^$ing asshole went through as he hung on that door knob!
    Prostitution is listed as one of the oldest professions. Why can we as a society not protect these women? I see time and time again good kids get into wrong crowds and end up in serious trouble or dead. I have always said someone who offers you drugs is not your friend. Drugs like crack heroin and meth are life stealing drugs. I have an older brother on crack and he is gone. There is nothing anyone can do for him. No amount of money thrown at his problem has helped him thus far. No wonder women caught up in this life style turn to prostitution. If you are in this life start keeping a digital diary of your Johns. Take pictures, send yourself texts of who you are meeting. Have those messages get auto uploaded to someone you can trust or send them back to yourself. Leave digital bread crumbs so if the unthinkable happens there is going to be someway of bringing these animals to justice. Not sure if this is the way but for God Sake do something to start protecting yourselves. Maybe some lawyer could get a law passed that these downloads can not be used in the prosecution of sex workers? Legalize and control is the real solution. Legal all drugs. Look at Portugal they were the last country to do this and its been a tremendous success. All the money being spent on drug enforcement hasnt worked thus far. It never will. Prohibition created more criminal empires then any other act of law. Legalization of drugs will empty prisons. Clear up Police to do more protection public for property crimes and murders or most likely traffic tickets. The largest benefit will be to end gang violence on our streets.


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