Is Neal Falls The Long Island Serial Killer?

This post is going to be brief because there’s so much information revolving around The Long Island Serial Killer, I don’t have the resources necessary to conduct the sort of research required to fully examine these murder cases in their entirety. Initially when Falls was shot down by Heather Saul there were questions raised as to whether or not Neal Falls could have been the LISK. It was a lead I checked into early on in my research, but I could find absolutely nothing to connect Neal Falls to New York. After a year of researching Neal Falls and the possible murders he could have been involved in, I have still found nothing to connect Neal Falls to New York. At the time the LISK was operating, Falls had lived in Oregon and Nevada, respectively. Though he was known to travel the country, the sheer volume of murders that occurred within such a short period of time suggests that whomever was behind these murders had to have been fairly local or at least staying within the area for extended periods of time.

Admittedly, I have not devoted as much time as other researchers have in digging up information on the LISK specifically, but what information I have read seems to point to much more credible suspects in this case. It also seems to point to the LISK being multiple killers, with Gilgo Beach acting as a nice dumping ground for dead bodies, over anything else. With that said, it seems doubtful to me that, whether it was the work of one or multiple killers, Neal Falls had any involvement. Of course this is only my opinion and I encourage anyone who is interested in this case to start digging into it.

Here is a list of links to get you started down the rabbit hole. If you find something that makes you go “hmm…” and may suggest that my theory on Neal Falls having no chance of being the LISK is false, then feel free to send it along.


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