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Several days ago someone living in the Portland area in 2013 sent me a story about an encounter she had. Falls’ whereabouts in 2013 are sketchy, but I believe he was living and working in the Eugene area at the time. I’d like to point out that though she mentions reading somewhere that Falls had a police officer’s uniform, this is false, but it is possible that if he had been working as a security guard, then he may have been wearing a uniform that resembled a police uniform — That is, if this person she encountered was actually Neal Falls. The “S Barnes Road” she mentions is also probably SW Barnes Road, which runs directly in front of the Oregon College of Art and Craft. Her story has been copied and pasted from my email directly. I only left out the sender’s name because I did not receive her permission to use it in this post.


I believe I may have encountered with Neal Falls in Portland Oregon in October/November of 2013. Don’t know if he was there at the time but from reading about his tendency to relocate and drive around I wanted to inquire. I think I may have also read somewhere that he had police or highway patrol uniforms? Im not too sure but if this timeline doesn’t match anything then I would still like to ask if you know of any murders connected to someone with a similar description.

I was 17 at the time going to school at Oregon College of Art and Craft. The college is on a hill and up the hill leads to two shopping centers. I worked at the Subway located in one of the shopping centers and walked to and from work frequently from the hours of 5pm and 12am. This road is called S Barnes Road I believe and did not have any lights for night time walking. It was very steep and somewhat rural. I disliked walking home at night because it was pitch black and obviously not safe, for the possibility of predators or drunk drivers, etc. Sometimes I still did due to it being late and the bus wasn’t set to come for 15 minutes and I could walk down the hill in this time and be home. I never saw any suspicious vehicles when I did this usually around 11-11:30pm throughout the work week and weekend.

One night some fellow classmates of mine stayed up working on projects and drinking. One friend was 20, the other 22. We decided we wanted to get more beer not realizing the time. We were all somewhat tipsy and I was from California not knowing Oregon’s alcohol laws. In California 24 hour grocery stores still sell alcohol 24 hours a day depending on the location/chain. We begin walking up the hill and I don’t mind because I am with two other people. Everything is fine until I begin to hear a car but don’t see it, suddenly the noise is right next to us and it is sounds like a car driving very slowly down to speed with our pace. It is so pitch black I can barely make out a car but can definitely feel/hear/somewhat see it. I lightly hit my friends on their arms and tell them to run. The car then turns on its lights and it is a brown highway patrol police car. A man dressed in uniform exits his car alone with his car parked in the middle of the road. I remember him, white, little to no chin, chubbier cheeks, fine very short brown hair (no hat on), looking to be in his late thirties only because he has little wrinkles. I remember thinking he could be older. I was surprised he left his car in the middle of the winding road though he left his lights on. He approaches my friends and I asking why we are out so late. We tell him we are old enough to be out, that we are going to the grocery store, and attend the school down the street. He makes me feel uneasy because he is staring at me, asking my age. I tell him 17. He says I’m not old enough to be out and that someone reeks of beer (my friend, the 20 year old). She is more drunk than the other two of us. He asks to see all our ID’s but My 20 year old friend is the only one who has hers. He stares at my 22 year old friends exposed legs, she’s wearing shorts. He leers at all of us and says he’s letting us off with a warning.

He then gets in his car, does a quick U turn, and accelerates obnoxiously down the road. All we thought was “what an asshole cop”. I believe we continued on to the grocery store but I can only faintly remember.

The next day I think about it more and realize his car looks old and probably predates the late 90s. He wasn’t an actual cop anyhow because he was dressed in brown and his car was also brown. I find it odd he was driving alone at 3am up a hill that is known to be pitch black and is located next to a college. I wonder what would have happened if I was walking alone at night up there? Or from work? I also wonder why he didn’t do anything. If he was in a car like that I wouldn’t doubt he had some form of weapon. Maybe there was too many of us. Or maybe it would bring too much attention to the media because of the school.

I later saw on the news how an escort had shot and killed a presumed serial killer. I nearly dropped to the floor seeing the picture of Neal Falls because of his severe similarity to the man from that night. Age, facial features; and when I researched more I found he was from Oregon. Again, reading somewhere as well he had some form of law enforcement uniform.

Anyways, I don’t know if this helps at all. I don’t know if he has been traced back to Portland in late 2013 or Oregon in general but maybe this information will be useful. Let me know if you have any questions.

I did look into any high-profile murders in the area, but I didn’t turn up anything that seemed like it would have been related to either Falls or this particular incident. I will continue to search local sources to see if I am able to turn up anything. For anyone else reading this, if you find something related to this woman’s encounter or if you would like to share a tip, then feel free to email me: email.


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