Information Overload and Why I Haven’t Covered the Henderson Murders, Yet.

You may have noticed that I’ve been dumping a ton of information here over the past day or two. Everything I know, excluding the Henderson Murders and Jessica Foster’s disappearance, has been covered. The reason I haven’t covered them yet is because I feel that if Neal Falls had a history of killing prior to arriving in Charleston, WV, then these are more than likely the ones he committed and I want more facts lined up before I can positively identify a connection. Another reason I haven’t covered these yet is because Neal Falls is, unfortunately, a convenient suspect to pin these unsolved murders on. With Falls dead, there’s no way to get any form of confession out of him. Forensic experts are going to have to diligently work on these cases before they can say for certain, “Yes, this was the work of a serial killer” and, “Yes, these women died at the hands of Neal Falls.”

Prior to Falls’ death there was speculation that the murders of Misty Saens, Lindsay Harris, Jodi Brewer, as well as Jessica Foster’s mysterious disappearance were all connected by the media reports on the murders, due to similarities in age and appearance, as well as their lines of work. The truth is that there fails to be any concrete evidence that any of these murders really were linked, though evidence and the brutality of the crimes suggest that they were. Jessica Foster is the only victim who has not been found, suggesting that if she is dead, someone else was probably responsible for her murder.

Keeping that in mind, I not only want enough evidence to suggest Neal Falls is a viable suspect in these cases, but I want to point out any other potential suspects that could have been involved in these murders, regardless if they were the work of a lone serial killer or different individuals. I’ve been looking at all of the murders and Jessie’s disappearance individually, collecting whatever information I can obtain as a civilian researcher, and then I want to present that evidence in a way that readers can draw their own conclusions or speculate their own theories.

My most recent endeavors have involved reaching out to possible friends and family of some of the murder victims and attempting to piece together details about their lives prior to their murders. There is so little information available through media reports on Jodi Brewer and Misty Saens that I feel like I would be doing them an injustice by only focusing on their murders and having nothing to say about their lives prior to that.

If you have any information on either of these two women than please feel free to reach out to me: nfitipline at gmail dot com.


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