The Shop Clerk

As you may recall, I found a Facebook post from a man claiming to have interacted with Falls in WV prior to his death. He was able to recollect details of the encounter. His story is provided below:

Ok, Looking back at it the event I’m thinking it was Thursday July 16th. It was sometime after, 4PM but before 5PM. I was going to grab some water from the water cooler and walked in on Mr Falls and my coworker Dana looking over a road atlas.
Our shop, REEP Graphics, is located directly across from the Intersection of US Route 50 and West Virginia Route 76. It is a magnet for people looking for certain destinations and directions. We jokingly call our little Print Shop a Travel Center because we frequently get people stopping in for directions. So this wasn’t out of the ordinary at all.
Dana asked me, “Do you know where Pleasants Creek Shooting Range is at?” I said yes because I knew immediatley where it was at as I frequent it quite regularly. I explained the quickest way to get there and used his atlas to point it out.
I asked him if he came in on I-79 South and he replied yes, and I told him that I frequent another shooting range that is South on I-79 that had a 300 yard berm, he replied “I don’t plan on shooting that far.” Very creepy looking back on that remark.
He had a very feminine, soft, almost lispy voice. I thought he was kind of strange but nothing too weird. He left and I noticed that his car had Oregon tags, I turned to Dana and said that was strange that a person with Oregon tags was looking for the shooting range. Now, If he had Texas, Lousiana or Oklahoma tags I might have not thought about it because those are common license plates in our area for Oil and Gas work, but those Oregon tags made me think a little bit.
He had no Dog that I saw with him, unless it was laying down in the seats of his Subaru. I did see his shovel and other tools in the back and it was covered with a tarp. He didn’t purchase anything, just looking for the shooting range.
A week later I saw the news post on Facebook and recognized his Subaru and picture. I called the Charleston PD and told him that I saw him late last week and they said they would contact me if they had any questions. Never heard back from them. Oddly enough, I was working late that day and had I left at 4PM I would have missed him and Dana would have been the only person to meet him and of course it would have been only her and him… Kind of scary.
Not sure how much it helps, but that’s my story


Here is the Facebook comment the man made on a news link about Falls and what lead me to asking him for his story:



Here is the Google Maps view of the graphics shop the man was employed at, located off US-50 in Bridgeport, WV. Bridgeport is approximately two hours south of Charleston, WV, where Falls’ fateful encounter with Heather occurred.



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