Falls’ Online Footprint

Using free people finder databases available online I was able to link Neal Falls to the email Oregonpines@msn.com. This was cross referenced with a phone number formerly associated with Falls.

Using his email Oregonpines@msn.com, I was able to uncover a MySpace account Falls once used under the username Dusty_Fog and the alias Scott Ross. After investigating the Dusty_Fog username I came up short in other instances that Falls may have used that as an online alias.



Using the same email I also came up with the alias of Brad Falls, as documented below:


Another possible alias I was able to uncover was Naill Falls of Henderson, NV and formerly of Butler, IN, both locations Neal Falls is known to have resided in at some point. It’s important to note that these databases aren’t always 100 percent accurate, and the email domain Fallsveach came back to another man, who is presumed to have been unaffiliated with Falls.


A dating profile, Twitter, and a Disqus account were also found to be linked to Falls under his real identity:


His only Twitter comment was made to a young lady who at one point had a significant amount of controversy surrounding her after tweeting a picture of herself posing with a giraffe she had killed in a trophy hunt. This account is linked to the email Nealfalls@gmail.com.





The Daily Beast was able to uncover a Facebook account under the name BJ Ross, using a phone number previously registered to Neal Falls. There has been some controversy as to whether or not this was really Falls’ account, as it appears to have been registered to a female. Friends of the alias who agreed to speak with the Daily Beast said that they had played World of Warcraft with BJ Ross.



The same number was connected two anti-sex solicitation websites including Exposing Johns and Flush the Johns, but at the time of posting this the screen shots I had of both have disappeared. One of these sites is no longer working. Posts on both websites were connected to the BJ Ross alias as well.

Here is an infographic exploring the possible connections between Falls and the various aliases believed to be linked to him. This was not created by me, but was sent to me by another researcher interested in the investigation.





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