Evidence Found in Falls’ Vehicle

The following are photos cataloging the items found in Neal Falls’ car upon the investigation on his death in Charleston, WV. The items contained within Falls’ vehicle are what led police to believe that he was a serial killer.











A Websleuths user by the name of Btown was able to make a list of the items displayed in the photo above:

1. Unknown plastic.
2. XTRA™ Tropical Passion™ Liquid Detergent 175 OZ.
3. Bullet proof vest
4. Axe
5. Tanto single edge knife
6. Stiletto double edged knife.
7. Maul
8. Shovel
9. Bleach? Unknown brand.
10. White trash bag
11. White trash bag
12. Double head ax.
13. Mobile Motor Oil.
14. White trash bags with something in them.
15. Clear plastic container.
16. White plastic bag.
17. Unknown.
18. Sock? Tissue? Paper towel?
19. Boot(s).
20. Clorox wipe.
21. Four way lug wrench.
22. Seat handle.
23. Unknown. White handle?
24. Cooler? Laundry hamper? Person sized bin? Cot?
25. Unknown.
26. Unknown.
27. Machete.
28. Booklet?

In addition to these photos, WSAZ was able to obtain other photos and information on the crime scene at the time of Falls’ death. These photos include hundreds of Subway bags, a duffle bag containing his clothing and a bible,  as well as non-graphic photos of the crime scene.



A list of six other women was also found in Falls’ pocket. Five of the women had been located in WV, while another was located in CA.




Charleston, WV PD




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