Who is Neal Falls?

Neal Martin Falls was born on September 24, 1969 in Springfield, OR. Little else is known about Falls’ childhood years, but according to a family friend interviewed by the Daily Beast, Falls’ had a rough upbringing. His father was abusive and would often beat his mother in front of him and his nine siblings.

Falls lived in various locations around Oregon until 1992, when he relocated to live with or near his father in Greensburg, KS. Falls is documented as living in Greensburg until a year after his father died in 1995, before moving back to Lebanon, OR and taking up a job as a security guard. Employment records show that Falls began taking certification courses pertaining to security work in 1998, including having his fingerprints documented by the FBI.

In 2000 Falls relocated to Henderson, NV, renting a room from a local woman. The woman claims that she met Falls through an online ad her daughter had placed. Though he lived with the woman for at least five years, she says he kept to himself most of the time, and that she believes he would just work and come home. She did say that Falls owned a number of handguns and had shown her his collection.

fallsteenFormer co-workers of Falls at the Hoover Dam paint Falls as a completely different man. On at least one occasion other Hoover Dam security guards had feared Falls was “going to snap”. They say he delighted in torturing and injuring desert rats and other critters known to frequent the area, and had turned Falls in to supervisors for his odd behavior. He was also limited in working only the Arizona side of the check-point, due to his poor demeanor with the general public.

It is believed that Falls may have traveled to the Philippines, reportedly having bragged to co-workers that he was going there for the sole purpose of picking up escorts. Aside from that, Falls mostly kept to himself and only really liked to talk about guns, military, police, and survivalist topics. They found it unusual that Falls would often arrive to work up to three hours early every day and drive off into the direction of Kingman, AZ. His fellow employees thought he was just driving into AZ to buy scratch off lottery tickets, but would often joke that Falls was probably dumping bodies in the desert. Those words may have rang all too true.

Falls was eventually dismissed from his job at the Hoover Dam, after a female employee claimed Falls had sexually harassed her. It was during the time Falls was employed at the Hoover Dam that he applied for a gun permit, claiming to reside at a residence in Butler, IN. This permit would expire in 2005. In 2006 and again in 2013, Falls was cited near Louisville, KY for minor traffic violations. It is unknown how often Falls may have been zig zagging across the country.

It would appear that Falls resided in OR from 2009 until the months leading up to his death in 2015. After Falls’ mother’s death on January 19, 2015, Falls’ sister, Joanna Ohla, claims that Falls took his mother’s death extremely hard. To make matters worst, it has been alleged that Falls had found out a woman he had been dating was married. Ohla says that Falls had cut contact with his family and no one had spoken to him since.

It is known that Falls had still been hanging around OR up until at least April of 2015. Records show that Falls had taken several refresher training courses in order to continue working as a security guard. The last record of Falls in OR is a complaint made by Falls to police. According to Eugene police, Falls reported thousands of dollars worth of jewelry, cash, and weapons were stolen from a U-Haul he had rented. Police considered the report to be false, since the likelihood of an unemployed man having collectible weapons and a ton of cash sitting in a box truck on the street was improbable.

From there it is believed that Falls may have relocated to TX. Close 10 days prior to his death he was stopped near Benbrook, TX for a traffic violation and caught on the officer’s body cam. Falls is heard telling the officer he was on his way to WV. Falls’ dog was later found to be staying with an acquaintance in TX.

Falls had been in WV for at least a week before contacting a woman advertising escort services on the website Backpage.com. A shop clerk near the Bridgeport area claims Falls had come into his store and asked for directions to a local shooting range. The clerk may have been one of the last people to have seen Falls alive.


On July 18, 2015 Falls contacted a woman by the name of Heather and agreed to meet her at her apartment. When Falls arrived at the woman’s door, a struggle almost immediately ensued. He quickly closed the door behind him and pointed a gun at Heather. He grabbed her by the neck and attempted to strangle the woman. She grabbed a comb in order to fight off Falls. As he set his gun down to get a firmer grasp on Heather, she immediately picked it up and shot behind her back. Heather ran to a neighbor’s home and told her to call 9-1-1.


Police arrived on the scene to find Falls D.O.A. in Heather’s apartment. Within his car was what has been described as a “serial killer’s kill kit”. Axes, various knives, a shovel, a sledgehammer, garbage bags, bleach, and a bullet proof vest were among the items recovered from Falls’ Subaru Forester parked outside the woman’s home. The contents within his pockets included a list of at least six other woman — all of which were in WV, except for one out of San Diego, CA– and four sets of handcuffs. No cash or credit cards were found in Falls’ possession. Police are not sure how Falls was able to travel cross country without any money.

It is unknown if Falls had killed before or if Heather was his first and final victim. Since Falls’ death, he has been investigated in connection to cold cases within at least eight states. DNA samples have been taken from Falls and the reports were completed on the week of August 24, 2015. Several agencies have requested these reports and are conducting further investigations on Falls. I will be posting on these specific cases in future updates.


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