First Post!

For my first post I’d like to express my utmost gratitude to those who have helped me in researching this case. Since the day I stumbled upon an article on my Facebook newsfeed reporting on a sex worker who had been responsible for shooting a potential serial killer in self defense, I have been nothing short of enamored with this case.

The lack of information available at the time of the article’s publication and the frustration I felt in trying to track down something worthwhile to write about gave me the idea to start my Facebook group. With some of the new information I was only able to obtain with the help of my group members I was able to write a compelling story for Sword and Scale, a true crime blog and podcast I regularly contribute to.

I didn’t realize how big my little article would get at the time of writing it. Since creating the group and my article’s publication on Sword and Scale, I have received not only an outpouring of new members interested in the case, but a host of newly formed friendships and a handful of connections within the media. I have received messages and emails from individuals who had been close to some of Falls’ potential victims and their kind words have nearly brought me to tears on a number of occasions.

True crime writers often get a bad reputation as being exploitive. For capitalizing on stories where very real people have suffered. While I often wrestle with that on my conscious, I feel like when I write my articles that I am writing to be a voice for those who have suffered and for those who need to have their stories told. The whole point in writing my article on Neal Falls and starting my Facebook group was no different.

I wanted to know who Neal Falls was, but more importantly, I wanted to know who his potential victims were. Through my research and some of the conversations I’ve had with a handful of others, I feel as if I knew these women. These women could have been girls I went to high school with or ladies I went out and had a drink with on a Friday night. This case has become so much more than just “a good story” to me. It’s become personal.

Thank you to everyone who has made this possible. Even those of you who don’t regularly contribute to the group, but have shot me a private message or two, thank you. Your contributions and words of encouragement are what have kept me going. If it weren’t for my dedication to all of you, then I wouldn’t wake up every morning and check google for any new reports. I wouldn’t be making phone calls and sending off emails to anyone I can think of who may have information. And I certainly wouldn’t have started this new blog to document this whole experience.

I think you all will be pleasantly surprised with what I have in store, so stay tuned and, again, thank you all!


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