Was Neal Falls the I-70 Killer?

On July 18, 2015, Neal Falls was shot and killed by a woman he attempted to attack in her own home. Little did I know that a Pandora’s Box had opened. Inside his trunk, investigators found what has been deemed “a serial killer’s kill kit.” Plastic tubs, cleaning supplies, trash bags, and various weapons were among these items. Since then, I have been dedicated to piecing together this man’s life and uncovering his many secrets.

Throughout the years, Falls has been speculated to have been a possible suspect in multiple homicides committed by unknown serial killers throughout the US. One of these cases includes the unsolved murders of at least six women across the Midwest who had been working in strip mall shops along I-70. Investigators believe their suspect is a trucker, or possibly even a traveling salesman. Neal Falls’ family connections to Kansas, his habit for taking cross-country road trips, and his age at the time of the murder spree, has some people looking at Neal Falls as their man.

Was Neal Falls the I-70 Killer? Find out on Obscura: A True Crime Podcast
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This week on Obscura: A True Crime Podcast, Justin will be covering the unknown I-70 Killer and I weigh in on my thoughts on whether or not Neal Falls could have been responsible for these crimes. The show will be available for early access through Patreon on December 4, 2018. For everyone else, you can expect the show to appear in your feed on December 5. Be sure to grab yourself a cup of hot cider, we’ll be waiting for you by the fire.

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The Killing Season Episode 5 (Spoiler Alert)

As anyone who has been following this blog knows, when Neal Falls was shot down in the home of Heather Saul on July 18, 2015 his death opened up an important clue in the unsolved murders of women across the country, but ultimately led to a multitude of new questions. We still aren’t certain how many people Falls may have killed prior to his death, nor have we been able to definitively connect him to any crimes, aside from the attack of Heather Saul.

In Episode 5 of The Killing Season producers Josh Zeman and Rachel Mills explore how Falls was able to wedge his way into the Gilgo Beach story. Ultimately they determine that Falls was most likely not behind the killings of multiple women in the Long Island-area, but what they are able to uncover is how a man like Neal Falls was able to zig zag across the country practically undetected for years prior to that fateful summer day in West Virginia.

Their Neal Falls segment of the program focuses on Heather Saul and how she was able to dispatch the man who tried to take her life. It also goes into her struggle with addiction and what led her to the path of prostitution. In addition to the candid interview with Heather, Zeman and Mills were also able to provide clips from the surveillance footage taken from the police station on the day Heather had shot Falls with his own gun.


She is clearly in a state of shock and utter horror that someone else’s blood was on her hands, but also knew that it was a kill or be killed situation. Like Arya Stark in Game of Thrones when the God of Death looked her in the face, she turned and said “Not today.” Heather was released without any charges.

In addition to Heather’s interview, Mills and Zeman also spoke with Lt. Steve Cooper of the Charleston Police Department. Cooper allowed them to film the various evidence found within Falls’ vehicle which led him to suspect that Falls had been a seasoned pro. According to Heather, Cooper had told her that it was possible that Falls had been killing for up to a decade prior to finding himself at Heather’s doorstep.

Other people interviewed in the series say that Heather has kept a relatively low profile since the incident because she doesn’t want to be the face of “all this.” But many have applauded Heather’s quick thinking and have lauded her as a hero to many other women who may have fallen victim to Falls.

Immediately after the episode aired, I knew that the show had revived the story of Neal Falls and the interest in this case. We have since welcomed dozens of new members to my Neal Falls Investigation group on Facebook, some claiming they had encountered Falls during his time in West Virginia and were thankful that they were able to escape. Yet people are still left to wonder what Falls would have gone on to do if he had not been killed that summer’s day and what he may have already done.

I am still committed to finding out the answers to these questions and many more. My hope is that with the renewed interest in this case that these answers will slowly begin to trickle in and we will inch a little closer to putting together the pieces to the puzzle that was Neal Falls.

I’d also like to take the time to make a special announcement. I will be appearing as a guest on Websleuth’s Radio to discuss Episode 5/6 of The Killing Season, as well as Neal Falls on Tuesday night (11/29/16) at 8pm EST. Be sure to tune in to find out the latest on Falls and where my investigation has taken me.

Lindsay Harris



Lindsay Harris, originally from Skaneateles, NY, went to the Vegas-area in 2003 after meeting a man named Solomon Barron outside of a hiphop show. Her and Barron hit it off and it wasn’t long before she agreed to move into his Henderson, NV home with him and another female roommate.Lindsay still kept in touch with her family back in New York. She told them that she had found work dancing in a club there. What they didn’t know is that Lindsay had been making her way as an upscale escort.

The last anyone in Lindsay’s family had heard from her was May 4, 2005. Lindsay had called her twin brother to wish him luck on his upcoming exams. Later that day, surveillance footage from a Henderson Bank of America ATM showed Lindsay with her hair up in a ponytail and wearing a pair of sweatpants making a deposit.

The last place Lindsay was reported to have been on May 6, 2005.
The last place Lindsay was reported to have been seen on May 6, 2005.

Two days later, Solomon Barron received a voice message from Lindsay. She said she was at the Monte Carlo and was heading over to the Luxor casino. Witnesses say that she had last been seen heading north on Las Vegas Blvd. between the hours of 4 and 5 AM. The following day Barron reached out to Lindsay’s family to report her missing. Solomon, who had been in Syracuse, NY at the time of her disappearance, caught a flight back to Henderson.

Lindsay’s Mercedes was found parked in the Luxor parking lot. A rental car that had been taken out in her name was also recovered down the block from her Henderson home. Police were highly suspicious of Harris’ boyfriend Solomon Barron, but determined he could not have committed the murder since he had an airtight alibi, having been in Syracuse, NY at the time of Lindsay’s disappearance. Police analyzed his cellphone. Lindsay was always one to check-in and sometimes had sent texts to Solomon every four minutes. On May 6 the messages suddenly stopped.

19 days later three boys riding their ATVs north along I-55 in Divernon, IL came across a frightening discovery. I was able to speak with Casey Becker, one of the boys credited with finding Lindsay’s legs.

Casey says that on May 21, 2005 he and two other friends rode up and spotted what they believed had been some kind of prop, before realizing it was a human leg on the ground. The boys believed they may have come across someone burying the legs and scared them off. The boys went back home and immediately phoned the Illinois State Police. The father of the other two boys who were riding ATVs in the woods with Becker that day had worked for the state police and was only a mile or two away from the site Lindsay’s legs had been found.

Becker says initially the officer did not believe them. He explains that a year prior he and the boys had been at a local party spot called the Divernon Reservoir, also known as the “Divernon Resie.”  Becker admits they had been acting recklessly that evening. The boys had been drinking and smoking marijuana when someone offered them ADD medication. The three boys said they became increasingly more paranoid throughout the evening and believed that there was someone trying to kill them. In a panic the same two boys Becker had been with when they discovered the legs phoned their father and told him that there was a crazed man looking to kill them.

Their father pulled up to the reservoir with, “his gun drawn and lights a-blazin’,” to find that the boys had hallucinated the ordeal. Because of the incident, the officer believed that the boys had been up to no good again. After two hours of calling they finally convinced the police to check it out, though they were certain what the boys had found had been an animal carcass.

The police would find that the boys were correct, they had found a human leg. The leg had not endured any stages of decomposition and appeared to have been fresh. Even details such as toe nail polish and tattoos were fully intact and visible. It would be those details , along with DNA samples, that would later help investigators to link the legs to a woman who lived nearly 3,000 miles away three years after the discovery. Buried approximately a foot and a half in the ground near where the first leg was found was Lindsay’s other leg. A tarp was also found about 20 feet from where the legs had been buried. Investigators concluded that a coyote had been in the process of pulling the legs out of the ground when the boys came up on the area on their ATVs and scared the animal away.

Becker says, “the sense of fear we had could not be measured.” Since the incident Becker tells me he has struggled with nightmares of a trucker coming to kill him for his discovery. When he had heard the news that Neal Falls, a man shot dead with his own gun in self defense, may have been behind the murders he had a sigh of relief.

Admittedly, I felt a slight sense of remorse when I had to tell Becker that it may not be the case. Officially, the verdict is still out until investigators come forward with conclusive proof that it was Falls behind these horrific murders.

Prior to Falls’ death there had been speculation that an unknown long-haul trucker had been behind the murder of several Vegas-area women who had all been working as escorts prior to their murders and may have been linked to the disappearance of Jessie Foster. There has also been speculation that some or all of the murders may have been unrelated. This has been confirmed in the case of Jessie Foster, who has not been found deceased.

In Lindsay’s case Solomon Barron remains a viable suspect. Though he has an airtight alibi at the time of Lindsay’s death, there are some who believe — including America’s Most Wanted’s John Walsh who featured Harris’ case on the program — that Barron knows more than he is letting on.

After the legs Casey and the other boys found in the woods were conclusively linked to Lindsay Harris, they were sent back to her family in New York where they held a quiet family service to celebrate her life. The rest of her body has never been recovered. A family friend told me that the Harris’ are not certain it had been Neal Falls who had killed their daughter, but they have somehow come to terms with the fact that they may never really know what happened to her.






More on Bj Ross and Big Update Coming Soon

I have some big updates coming soon, including information on the murder of Lindsay Harris and an interview with one of the young men who found her legs in the woods off of I-55 in Divernon, IL, but for now I just wanted to make a quick post.

Some of you may recall from my “Falls’ Online Footprint” post that I had misplaced my screenshots from two websites connected to the controversial Bj Ross account that may or may not have been linked to Falls. FlushtheJohns and ExposingJohns both had reports related to a Bj Ross and the number traces back to a T-Mobile phone number formerly registered to Falls while he had been living in Eugene, OR. I have since found my screenshots. The Bj Ross Facebook account originally uncovered by the Daily Beast was linked to a phone number Falls had while living in Henderson, NV, but the profile shows that it was registered sometime around 2013. Falls had left Henderson in late 2007 after having been fired for sexually harassing a female coworker and, according to phone number listings, he had registered a new number sometime after that.






Here is a list of previous phone numbers I was able to gather for Falls:


Notice the top number is the same number listed for the Bj Ross complaint on the two anti-prostitution sites.

Though the account is still a subject of controversy, it would appear that the Bj Ross Facebook may have been some gamer account Falls maintained. The friends listed on the account include three people from Texas as well as another person listed as living in Klamath Falls, OR — another city Falls had resided in at some point. I think it’s safe to say with all of these coincidental connections that there may be some validity to the claims of this account belonging to Falls. I will continue to dig up what I can on Falls’ online personas, including Bj Ross, as part of my  investigation on the life of this mysterious man.

Heather’s Update

Heather posted an update on her CrowdRise fundraiser about her progress since her terrifying attack by possible serial killer (or serial killer in training), Neal Falls. She says that things are now looking up for her.


As some of you may or may not know, there was a lot of drama surrounding her fundraisers. Initially someone began a charity in her name and then proceeded to accuse her of being a drug addict and attempted to force her to get out of the sex industry. This person even threatened to hold her money until she agreed to enter into some form of rehab program, which is against the law. Eventually her funds were released to her, as they should have been in the first place.

Some may disagree with me, but she above anyone else should realize the dangers associated with her line of work. As a consenting adult, I don’t feel there’s anything wrong with someone choosing to work as a prostitute. People work in dangerous industries all the time and no one bats an eye. High-rise construction is dangerous, but no one tells a construction worker that they need to get out of that line of work.

This person launched personal attacks against other sex workers who rallied in support of Heather and it took the action of another sex worker by the name of Mistress Matisse to actually get out there and give this woman the leg up that she needed after her traumatic ordeal.

As all this drama was unfolding I was unsure as to who actually had Heather’s best interest at heart and I was reluctant to promote either charities until I got the facts hammered out for myself. Heather is now in control of her own fundraiser and has been for some time now. If you would like to support her then it can be found here: https://www.crowdrise.com/heatherisahero

In my opinion, Heather is a hero who saved the lives of at least five other women and should be seen as such.

Media Vultures

Back in March, my Facebook group was infiltrated by a reporter looking for a story. This isn’t unusual. The group frequently sees reporters looking for a scoop or possibly new leads to do follow-up pieces on Neal Falls. I’ve worked with these people from the beginning. We’ve compared notes, shared stories and generally had a good working relationship. I allow my information on these cases — provided it isn’t something slanderous or information that should be passed on to police first — to be open to the public because I would genuinely like to see closure to these murder cases, regardless if it was Falls behind them or someone else.

This particular reporter was not like the other media professionals I have corresponded with through my group. She was pushy and rude to other group members and seemed to have absolutely no knowledge or interest in covering the story what-so-ever. Initially I agreed to speak with her, if for no other reason than to stop her from harassing my group members. She had no knowledge of my research or had even vetted me as a credible source of information, which was glaringly apparent from the beginning. She had nothing new to add to the story and essentially wanted me to go on the air and tell the entire story of Neal Falls for her because she was a lazy reporter who didn’t want to conduct her own research or read what information was already available through this blog, my group and other sources.

She wanted me to give out the personal information of people she could contact involved in these cases, which I flat out refused to do. She even wanted me to forward her information sent to me by the Charleston PD, which has already been provided on this blog and within my group. It took me no time to get in touch with Lt. Cooper when I began my research and he was willing to speak with me and send me a few things. Why did this person have such a hard time tracking him down or asking for the information directly from him?

Again, lazy reporting.

I’m a civilian without the leverage of a major news agency to back my research, so if I could find these people and even speak with a few of them, then someone working for an actual news source shouldn’t have too much of an issue. I told her she could call me if she wanted. I was already uninterested in the interview, because I felt that it was a waste of time and brought nothing new to the table, but at this point I was still willing to pass on some information and she could maybe get better sources for her story than some blogger/researcher. She wanted to Skype, but I often have trouble with my microphone.

By this time I was already tired of talking in circles with her. She didn’t seem to understand that she needed to follow some new leads if she wants to cover this story. I mentioned the unidentified skull in Nevada as well as the Texas murders, which she perceived as me wanting to go on air and talk about these cases. I don’t have that information, it was just a polite way for me to say that her story was completely lacking. I simply stopped corresponding with her and blocked her from the group.

Passive aggressive? Maybe.

I’m not hungry for media attention. I do this research because I’m interested in these cases. Maybe someday I’ll write a book, but as of this moment, the only profit I have made from any of this was the Sword and Scale story I broke related to Neal Falls. All of my research going forward has been completely without pay. I don’t even receive advertisement revenue for this blog. When I’m not working on this, I’m working on other stories I do for pay. Any journalist or writer can understand the amount of time it takes to research their stories and I simply do not have the time to take out of my day in order to talk to some lazy reporter.

I apologize for the long-winded rant, but I want it to be known that I have little tolerance for unethical, unprofessional assholes.

The Murder of Jodi Brewer – Here’s What We Know


On the night of August 14, 2003, Jodi Brewer was dropped off at the Harbor Island Club Apartments, located at 307 E. Harmon Ave. That was the last time Jodi Brewer had been seen alive. Her mother, Pamela Brewer, filed a missing persons report with the Las Vegas Metro Police the following day. Police spoke with witnesses near the area at the time of Jodi’s disappearance.  One witness claimed that Jodi had gotten into a white car with California license plates, according to a December 2003 article published in the Las Vegas Sun. Jodi wasn’t missing for long.




On August 29, 2003, Jodi Brewer’s remains were uncovered. A torso of a woman was found wrapped in plastic near the highway in San Bernadino County, California, 25-miles South of the Nevada-California Border. A further search by investigators uncovered a sheet near the I-15 offramp to Cima Road. She was identified by her tattoos — a hummingbird above her left breast and an “M” design on her lower back.





Up until Falls’ death, there were few leads in Jodi’s murder. The media had previously speculated that a truck driver had been working as a serial killer in the Las Vegas/Henderson, NV area, but no suspects had been established. A post found on a website for the National Organization of Parents of Murdered Children written by Mary Jane McCann says that she had spoken with Pamela after the Falls connection was made in her daughter’s case. The full post from the website is quoted below:


“After 12 Years, Jodi Marie Brewer’s Case Was Solved!

jodibrewer3I was more than thrilled when I received the call from Pamela Brewer saying that her daughter’s murder had been solved. It truly made a difference in her life and healing. She feels that she has now gotten to a “new normal”. We all celebrate her

new life now and the following is what Pamela sent us:

Our daughter Jodi Marie Brewer was born November 26, 1983. She was a beautiful girl, born in Seattle, Washington. When she was two, we moved to Las Vegas. Her father, James, and I worked in the casino industry. Life was good. Her sister Jacqueline was born in 1990. Shortly thereafter, Jim was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. We had our last family vacation in Disneyland. Jodi was 18. Jacqui was 12. Jodi always liked hair and makeup. She enrolled in beauty college. After her first semester, she lost her grant. At the age of 18, she fell into prostitution. I didn’t want her on the streets, so we got an apartment together. Two weeks later her torso was found in a garbage bag on the side of the freeway in San Bernardino, California.

My life became a downward spiral. It took six months to get her remains back because they had to do DNA testing. I had to keep working. There was no closure and Jim was terminally ill. Jacquil attempted suicide a week before her father died. She was placed in foster care. I lost my union job of 17 years. I begged to go to rehab to no avail. I became homeless and lost everything we had. I did a role reversal. I had a breakdown and got into drugs and prostitution.

It’s been twelve years, but my PTSD says it was yesterday. I have turned my life around thanks to Jesus.

My daughter’s killer, Neal Falls, was killed a few months ago by a working girl he stalked from Oregon to West Virginia on a Craig’s List site. He was a serial killer and killed a dozen girls in four states. He had a list of others to kill next. After trying to strangle Heather, she managed to shoot him with his own gun. Thanks to her, this madness has stopped. The case made “America’s Most Wanted”. I was asked to go on the “Dr. Phil Show at the time it happened. I was a basket case. Finally, I have closure. I knew it would take a long time. I had no idea how long. I just thank God it is finally over.

I now live in Oregon with my daughter, Jacqueline, who struggles with drug addiction. I am working full time and I have a car. I go to church on Saturdays at the Seventh Day Adventist Church and once again, life is good.”

Pamela seems to accept the Neal Falls connection, but the question still remains as to whether or not it was Falls behind Jodi’s murder. Reports on Jodi’s case say that investigators questioned her boyfriend during their initial investigation into her disappearance and he was released. Jodi was known to work as an escort at times in order to make ends meet, but it is unclear as to whether or not she was dropped off at the Harbor Island Club Apartments in order to meet with a john or if there were other reasons for her to go to the apartment complex that evening. The only real solid lead is the white car the witness reported seeing Jodi leave in with California plates. If the witness’ report to the Las Vegas Metro Police is credible, then it’s a possibility that Neal Falls was in no way connected to Jodi’s murder.

That fact only leaves us with the burning question:

If not Falls, then who?